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Characters to include: Cheating-suddenly remorseful!Kai, Bitchy-already-dating-someone-else!Tala, heartbroken-pregnant-runnings-back-to-china!Rei, Totally-infatuated-with-Rei!Lee

Overused plot line: Rei, completely oblivious to Kai’s sudden lack of interest in him, arrives home conveniently early to find Kai and Tala romping passionately in his and Kai’s bed. Heartbroken, he flees the country, never stopping to consider, listen or think, arriving in China only to find he’s inexplicably and quite impossibly pregnant with Kai’s love child. Overly supportive and totally in love with Rei, Lee poses a major threat as Kai realizes how much he loves Rei and dumps Tala, going off in search of Rei, who will forgive him, despite his previous unfaithfulness.

Irritating pet peeves to include: Bad spelling, repetition of the same describing words and a rushed story line including numerous declarations of how much Rei is still totally in love with Kai. Cramped timelines and missing crucial information. Extra points for all turning out perfect, despite everything gone wrong.

Characters or pairings NOT to include: Tala ever again after his cameo with Kai, Tyson, Max or any of the other bladers bar the white tigers and Tala’s once-mentioned boyfriend.

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