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The First Annual Beyblade Badfic Mock-a-thon [entries|friends|calendar]
The Beyblade Badfic Mock-a-thon

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Challenge [01 Aug 2006|10:57am]

[ mood | bleh ]

Username: knightkitten

Email address: roslynknight@hotmail.com

Characters to include: Cheating-suddenly remorseful!Kai, Bitchy-already-dating-someone-else!Tala, heartbroken-pregnant-runnings-back-to-china!Rei, Totally-infatuated-with-Rei!Lee

Overused plot line: Rei, completely oblivious to Kai’s sudden lack of interest in him, arrives home conveniently early to find Kai and Tala romping passionately in his and Kai’s bed. Heartbroken, he flees the country, never stopping to consider, listen or think, arriving in China only to find he’s inexplicably and quite impossibly pregnant with Kai’s love child. Overly supportive and totally in love with Rei, Lee poses a major threat as Kai realizes how much he loves Rei and dumps Tala, going off in search of Rei, who will forgive him, despite his previous unfaithfulness.

Irritating pet peeves to include: Bad spelling, repetition of the same describing words and a rushed story line including numerous declarations of how much Rei is still totally in love with Kai. Cramped timelines and missing crucial information. Extra points for all turning out perfect, despite everything gone wrong.

Characters or pairings NOT to include: Tala ever again after his cameo with Kai, Tyson, Max or any of the other bladers bar the white tigers and Tala’s once-mentioned boyfriend.

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[25 Mar 2005|10:02pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Here goes guys... This is my request. Feel free to join the community and take part in the mock-a-thon. Keep in mind that the due date for the fic requests is Saturday 2nd April. If your request doesn't show up on the community for a day or two, don't worry, it just means I haven't had access to the computer for a few days.

Username: kairei_fan
Email address: upsidedowncake@hotmail.com
Characters to include: lovestruck!Kai, straight-maybe-almost-wtf!Rei, crazy-possesive!Mariah
Overused plot line: Rei and Mariah are oh-so-in-love, while our favourite ice-captain Kai is mooning after Rei. A completely out of character Kai drops some way obvious hints and suddenly Rei completely forgets about Mariah, despite the fact that they were IN LOVE, and decides he's gay.
Irritating pet peeves to include: Bad spelling/grammar etc, out of character characters, word confusion eg- sea/see, through/threw(don't get too carried away with this though, just use a couple!). A sappy ending where Mariah suddenly seems okay with everything about Rei and is now a total slut, mooching off on Tyson, Max, Kenny, and anyone else that comes to mind(even the girls!) earns you bonus brownie points!!
Characters or pairings NOT to include: TyKa. And the White Tigers. Coz for some reason Mariah seems not to be in the team anymore, and the other members are never mentioned once in the entire fic.

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Badfic Requests [24 Mar 2005|10:56pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Please set out your badfic request forms as follows-


Email address:

Characters to include:

Overused plot line:

Irritating pet peeves to include:

Characters or pairings NOT to include:

I will post up mine shortly. Then hopefully we can get underway!

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Welcome! [24 Mar 2005|10:49pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Firstly, I'd like to welcome you to the first ever Beyblade fanfiction mock-a-thon! Now for the rules:

1. Request a fic you would like to see mocked. For example, I might request a fic with-
Characters: lovestruck!Kai and angsty!Tyson
Overused Plot: Kai has suddenly become aware of his total love for Tyson, who is oblivious to all this in his angsty depressiveness.
Irritating Pet Peeves to Include: over-description, OOCness, overuse of the word love.

2. Wait a day or so while I process your request to post a challenge. I only enforce an "I must read every challenge before it is posted" policy because there is a deadline for these mocking challenges.

3. I will assign each person who requested a fic with another person's request. So if I made a fic request, I would assign it to someone else to write, and I would write one for another person myself.

4. You will then have a week to complete your badfics. Please keep in mind, these fics are SUPPOSED to be bad. It is best to keep in the mind frame of a 10 year old sugar high child who believes he is writing a masterpiece, during the writing process. Gaping plot holes, spelling mistakes and odd paragraph structure are all perfect. Just be careful not to over-do it! Even badfic has correct things! :P

5. Once the badfics are written, they should be sent to me via email, and I shall post them up here. When you have read the fic written for you, you may then take that fic and feel free to laugh your arse off!

6. Now you will have five weeks to mock the badfic you have received. the set up for this is a fanfic of your own using 3-5 characters from the Beyblade fandom, your friends list, or another fandom. In this mocking fic, the characters read/view the badfic and criticise it to no end. The idea is that it is an actual fic written by someone who clearly has NO CLUE how to write.

7. Post your mocking fics on the community, and I will put them up for all to see. These stories will then be archived here for all to see! :D

8. HAVE FUN!!!

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